DREAMIN' OF YOU the first single release from my upcoming EP -  break through is available now for download on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and other streaming platforms or you can pick up your copy right here in the Store. Breakthrough has two meanings for me. As a believer in God, I thank the Lord each day for breakthroughs for my family, health, finances and in my marriage. Now that the pandemic lockdown is over “Break Through” takes on new meaning. The Break is Through! This new project is a followup to my previous two CD's, Date Night and Perfect Peace by KARICKTER with my beautiful wife Karen on vocals. The new single Dreamin Of You is a jazzy soulful song that is meant for the listener to move and groove.  It has Rock Hendrick's sax shadowing my melodic guitar lines, Freddie Hendrix's trumpet adds a full horn accompaniment, along with Niles Webster's expressive keyboard work. All sitting on top of a groove supplied by two of the best, Jimmy Earl on bass guitar and Juan Mendoza's drums. Press play...Put it on repeat.